What is TED?

TED is an organization dedicated to spreading ideas through powerful talks lasting up to 18 minutes.

The first TED conference was organized in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman and was the result of his observation of the confluence of three branches of knowledge: Technology, Entertainment and Design. Today, the conferences cover a wide range of topics, from science, environmental protection, history, anthropology, business, global affairs, among many others.

Believing that ideas have the power to change attitudes, beliefs and consequently the world, TED has the support of a global community of followers, people from all areas and cultures who seek a deeper and more comprehensive understanding.
In addition to the projects presented at the conferences, a TED Fellows program has been created, in which researchers and world-changers receive direct support from this community.

TED is owned by the Sapling Foundation, a non-profit foundation based in New York.

You can find the official description of TED by the people themselves here and their full history here.


What is the difference between TED and TEDx?

TED events are annual and are organized by the TED organization. They also organize an annual TEDWomen event, and a TEDxGlobal event in some years. TEDx events, on the other hand, are organized independently by local, independent teams.
In June 2006, after the first six TED talks were shared online for free, the organization was flooded with requests to hold the conference in cities around the world. Unable to meet the many requests, TED created a new brand, TEDx, where any person or organization from around the world could organize their own TED-inspired event under a license.

TEDx events are intended to provide similar experiences to TED. The “x” is an asterisk that characterizes TEDx as an independently planned and organized TED event.

TEDx events must scrupulously comply with certain criteria, rules and regulations that allow them to renew the licence granted by TED to hold the event.


I have heard of other TEDx events besides TEDxPorto… what are they?

There are thousands of TEDx events in thousands of communities around the world. So, there are several TEDx events also in Portugal besides TEDxPorto.
Each TEDx event is organized by its own team in its own local community. After obtaining the respective license from TED, TEDx imposes a large set of rules on TEDx organizers in order to protect the image and quality of these events.
As TEDx events can be organized by anyone for their community, although we are part of a global community and know each other, the teams are almost all independent from each other.

The TEDxPorto team is not involved in the organization of these other events although it may help, occasionally, and in a limited way, other organization teams.


What is a Salon event?

Salon events are a specific type of TEDx event, characterized by being small discussion-based events around a very specific theme, with the aim of engaging the community in discussions about issues close to their hearts.
It is a specific type of meeting structured by the TEDx organizers, which allows the debates and sharing of ideas to continue, in a personal and face-to-face manner.

In these talks one or more TED talks are visualized as the beginning of the thematic discussion and informal discussions are encouraged around them.
Although it is not compulsory, some speakers from previous editions may be invited to participate.
Likewise, participants also have the possibility to speak, discuss, and ask questions.


Who is behind TEDxPorto?

TEDxPorto is organized by a team of people from different areas on an unpaid voluntary basis. These collaborators share TED’s values and goals, based on observing the impact TEDxPorto has on people’s lives, on the community and on the perspective of reality and its transformation.

As a team, we work on the selection of interesting and timely themes, speakers with original ideas capable of changing the world and a participatory and eclectic audience.
In addition to the main team, the team of volunteers in each edition are key players in the event.

You may know and find more information about the team here.


How can I be a speaker?

In this form you can send your suggestions for speakers for TEDxPorto.

Before filling in the form and submitting it, we advise you to read the text ‘What is it to be a speaker at TEDxPorto?’, available here.


How can I be a volunteer?

Volunteering at TEDxPorto means that you identify with the format of the event, and that you have availability, dedication, and energy. It’s an unforgettable experience – and we’re not the ones saying this, volunteers from previous events are!

Check out the “Volunteers” page to find out how you can apply to be part of our team.


How can I be a partner?

TEDxPorto partners are fundamental to the event, not only for their contribution but also for the experiences they provide to participants.
To receive information on how to support TEDxPorto, contact the partnerships team, through their email: parcerias@tedxporto.com.


How can I get media accreditation?

Our event is covered by various media outlets and platforms. To obtain media accreditation at TEDxPorto send us an email to info@tedxporto.com mentioning the media outlet you belong to, and including a proposal for coverage of the event.


How much do you pay speakers?

Just like the organizers, volunteers and performers, the speakers do not receive any remuneration.
Being a non-profit event, all monetary funds go exclusively to the organization of the event and not to pay the speakers.


I bought a ticket but I won’t be able to go to TEDxPorto. What can I do?

The ticket for TEDxPorto is unique and non-transferable, there is no possibility of refund.
If you cannot attend, you can transfer your ticket to the following year’s edition. To transfer your ticket, please contact the check-in team by sending an email to checkin@tedxporto.com, so that we can expedite the process and guarantee your place in the following year’s event, without additional costs.
Please note that this transfer is only possible for cancellations up to one week before the event date.


How can I get a certificate of participation at TEDxPorto?

To request a certificate of participation in TEDxPorto, you should contact the check-in team before the event, sending an email to: checkin@tedxporto.com. The certificate is free if you just want an electronic document (in PDF format).
If you ask for a certificate after the event there will be a cost of €10. If you ask for a physical certificate we will charge an additional €10 for administrative costs.


Is there a minimum and maximum age to attend TEDxPorto?

There is no minimum age to attend TEDxPorto and certainly no maximum age. In general, our program is suitable for all ages, although there may be some topics less suitable for children or, eventually, some unexpected swearing during a talk.
In previous editions we have had very young participants (around five years old) and even babies, although this is not advisable.
The main reason is related to the need to keep the room absolutely silent, so as not to distract the speakers and to allow the recording of the talks without noise from the audience.
Please contact us if you have any questions.


Any other questions?

If you have a question that you didn’t see answered here, contact us through the contact form! If the question is ticket related send an email directly to checkin@tedxporto.com!