Francisco Araújo

Civic Entrepreneur | Law Guest Lecturer | Young Leader

Francisco Cordeiro de Araújo is a Guest Lecturer in the Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon, teaching International Public Law, European Union Law and Political Science. He is also Assistant Integrated Research Member in CIDP/ Lisbon Public Law. Among other topics, he is currently doing research on the right to a healthy environment as a justiciable human right.

At 25 years old, Francisco is a civic entrepreneur, embracing several missions. He is the President of Democracy 2.3 and the Founder of OS 230 (, creating several projects of political literacy, civic engagement, democratic dialogue and connecting citizens with their representatives. Those efforts were recognized with the Youth Citizenship award 2021. He is a member of Lidera, a community of young Leaders focused on climate action, and a speaker that tries to raise awareness and spread knowledge in different areas.

He grew up in Terceira Island and then studied for 8 years in Military School, learning important values that are still his compass. Francisco was an International Fencing Athlete and National Champion. In recent years, he was President of ELSA Portugal, coordinated the operations of a project that provided help to the hospitals during the worst COVID-19 wave in Portugal, participated in COP 26 Glasgow and was a humanitarian aid volunteer in Ukraine and its border in 2022, working for Red Cross and other organizations.

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