Maja Groff

International Lawyer | Convenor

Maja Groff, Esq., is an international lawyer based in The Hague, and is Convenor of the Climate Governance Commission, which seeks to propose high impact global governance innovations adequate to meet the climate challenge.

She serves as Co-Chair of the Coordinating Committee for the International Anti-Corruption Court (IACC), as well as on The Canadian Task Force Against Global Corruption. As a Principal Legal Officer, she has previously worked on the development and administration of multiple multilateral treaties.

She was a co-winner of a major international prize in 2018 on global governance innovation (New Shape Prize), and co-authored the 2020 book, “Global Governance and the Emergence of Global Institutions for the 21st Century”. She also serves on the Advisory Boards of BCorp Europe and ebbf, organisations devoted to ethical business, and is NOW Partner.