Manuel Lapão

Multilateral Negotiator | Cooperation Expert

Manuel is the Director of Cooperation in the Executive Secretariat of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, where he deals with a variety of issues that respond to the integrated nature of the sustainable development goals. Since 1993 has been working in sustainable development with projects of pluri-, multidisciplinary and multi-actor nature.

He has worked in consulting for 12 years, taught for 14 years and for 15 years has worked in an international organisation that had the Portuguese language as an identity factor for its creation. He knows well the project management cycle, the negotiation processes and international diplomacy. He has been to every continent and works in an international context with different geographies and international organizations.

He is a convinced motorcyclist, loves to watch and play sports and the best time of the year is spent on the beach at Porto Santo, an island that is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.