Paulo Vieira de Castro

Environmentalist | Political Activist

Author of the book “This Is Not an Invention – Eco-anxiety and the Future of the Planet”. He is the author of several works dedicated to critical autonomy in organizations and education. He co-authored “The Tao of the Dow: Economics of Being” and “Marketing in a Changing Context”.

On a personal level, he published, among others, “The Society of Anguish – Socioeconomic Alternatives”, “The Book of Pain and Suffering – a new pedagogy for the world of work, family and education”, “The Civilization of Fear – the World as we have never imagined it”, and “Samurai Management – Serving to Lead”.

Paulo is a member of the Porto City Council Assembly and member of the National Political Commission of the People, Animals and Nature Party (PAN).

For more than a decade, he was a teacher in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education for the areas of strategy, communication, and marketing.

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