Prue Taylor

Jurist | Researcher | Advocate

Prue Taylor is a legal academic at the University of Auckland where she teaches domestic environmental law to graduate and undergraduate urban planning students. Her research is primarily in the field of international environmental law with a focus on climate change, the ocean and global ethics.

Prue developed a body of work focused on transformative change, around humanity becoming active environmental stewards utilising concepts such as the ‘common heritage’. This is beautifully expressed by the Earth Charter. She is currently supporting the initiative of the world’s youth to request an Advisory Legal Opinion from the International Court of Justice on States’ legal commitments to protect the climate system for present and future generations.

Prue loves hiking, gardening and coastal zone revegetation. She feels it is a privilege living with the Pacific Ocean at the bottom of her garden. This keeps her grounded but in constant awe of the power and wonder of nature. It also puts her on the frontline for observing how our natural systems are rapidly changing. She hopes to communicate clearly the scale of this change in a positive and empowering way but with a clear view of reality.

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