Privacy Policy

1. How did we get your data?

When you bought a ticket for TEDxPorto. All information shared through the Last2Ticket form for buying tickets for TEDxPorto is personal and private, and will be kept secure and never shared with other companies and institutions for commercial purposes.

2. What do we use your data for?

For operational reasons that are core to the functioning of TEDxPorto, as well as for legal reasons, this information is shared with the following companies and institutions as follows:

Last2Ticket: the information submitted in the Last2Ticket form for the purchase of tickets is kept in Last2Ticket’s systems for the purpose of issuing the tickets.

TEDxPorto / SpreadXEvents: all this information is kept by the organization of TEDxPorto for the design of the event; issuing of identification badges; communication with participants until the moment of the event.

Mailchimp: the email address of all participants is added to a mailing list to send a newsletter informing about new editions of TEDxPorto, announcing speakers and informing about the purchase of tickets for the event.

InvoiceXpress: the name, email address, tax number and, in the case of companies, the address, are communicated to InvoiceXpress for invoicing.

Tax Authority: in compliance with Portuguese tax law, invoicing information is sent to this institution via SAF-T.

TED: after each edition of TEDxPorto, we send TED the list of all participants’ email addresses to send an evaluation form. TED sends this list to, which will then send the form. To the best of our knowledge and experience this information is not subsequently shared with other companies and institutions.

Your personal details will never be shared by us with other institutions for commercial purposes.

By purchasing your ticket to TEDxPorto you are implicitly agreeing to the sharing of your personal information as described above.

3. How long will we keep your data?

Until you “unsubscribe” from our newsletters. At that point, your email address will be removed from our database and you will no longer receive communications from us.

You also have the right to correct and update your data kept by us, as well as its elimination after each event, with the exception of tax obligations, whose data must be kept within the time limits provided by law. To do this, please send us an e-mail to  with your request for amendment.