Yves Mathieu

Policy dialogues designer| Humanist | Ancestor

Yves Mathieu firmly believes that decision-makers and citizens of the 21st century possess an incredible potential to shape a positive future for humanity. This potential can be greatly enhanced by embracing new methods of communication and dialogue. By incorporating the “living system” of our planet and considering the well-being of future generations, we can amplify the effectiveness of our conversations.

Yves extends an invitation to leaders from all corners of the globe to explore and experiment with innovative forms of shared deliberations, where randomly selected citizens are actively involved. These dialogues will be founded upon values such as mutual trust, consideration, and respect for all participants.

Ultimately, Yves aims for the 21st century to be remembered as the time when crucial decisions, such as making climate a common heritage of humanity, were made to ensure the best possible living conditions for future generations on Earth.

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